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01-1: Long-term Assesment

On the basis of the findings in the damage statistics you can do following:

  • Make conclusion of the presents situation and make conclusions for all products*1
  • Make proposals for all products*1 to either:
    • Reduce the use of packaging material*2
    • Upgrade packaging
  • Have audit meetings*3 in the company with relevant decision-makes and
  • Make optimal decisions
  • Make minutes on the audit meetings with a special focus on decisions and the reasons for the decisions.

File minutes together with the periodical damage statistics.

*1) It can be unpractical to analyse and conclude on every product number. See the page on clustering products.

*2) Be aware of that the demand only is to use the optimal amount of packaging materials in your existing packaging system. The Directive does not demand documentation on why you are using a specific system or type of material. You "only" have to demonstrate "minimum adequate amount of…material".

 *3) If your company have a certificate for a management system as ISO9000 or ISO14001 you have already such audit meeting. Evaluate if it will be an idea to merge this task to these