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01-1: Long-term Assesment

For companies with a "craftsmanship" approach to packaging design the only measurement of the performance to product protection have been complaints. In many companies even this kind of input has not been filed and the company has no chance to get a systematic evaluation of performance.

You can demonstrate optimal packaging systems starting with following inputs:

  • From the bookkeeping system:
    • Product no.
    • Sale in units pr. market and pr. month/year
  • From distribution:
    • Description of normal distribution system to each market (changes over time?)
    • Specification of periods with special conditions
  • Damage statistic (Existing or new):
    • Design such a damage statistics in either a spreadsheet or database structure and,
    • File every complaint of damage as a specific line in the files.
    • Use when possible a coding system for each element in the statistics in order to be able to analyse the data later in the process.
    • File in paper all complaints as a paper report in order to be able to search back in history.
    • The elements in the damage statistics can be:
                • Product code
                • Market code
                • Code for customer type
                • Date of complaint
                • Date of sale
                • Date of production and
                • Maybe also shipment Code for type of complaint*1
                • Failure costs
                • Etc.

*1) It is important to design a detailed code system with reference to many different sources of a fault or complaint. Collect a number of written reports before designing your system. And even then think back in time and use your imagination to even find other codes. Design your code system to add new codes when you at a later time will need such new codes.