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01-1: Long-term Assesment

At first view this Long-term Economical Assessment method can look very interesting. But be aware of following before deciding:

Negative arguments:

  • The method builds on many minor upgrades and downgrades of the packaging materials on all your packaging. The end-conclusion can easily be confusing for all and also expensive to change all the time.
  • You will get problems when you are going to pack new or upgraded products. It will take some time before you have reached the optimal package.
  • You are not really able to refer to packaging science and some authorities can doubt that you have reached an optimum.

Positive arguments:

  • The method does not demand many changes in the existing systems.
  • You do not need to invest in education and new technology.
  • By using this big control circle you are measuring on the real world and do not use predictions as the other methods are force to use.